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As a free service to our listeners, WFJA & WWGP list qualified, local events on this page to help promote and get the word out. If you have an event to list, please contact us using the following methods:

  • Email: news@wfjaradio.com
  • Phone: (919) 775-3525

October 2019

  • Manufacturing Day (Oct 4)

    What: Manufacturing Day
    Where: CCCC - Howard James Training Center at 5825 Clyde Rhyne Drive
    When: October 4th, 9am

  • Cameron Antique Fair (Oct 4-5)

    What: Cameron Antique Fair
    Where: Town of Cameron
    When: October 4th-5th    9am-5pm

  • Cardboard Box City (Oct 4th)

    What: Cardboard Box City (Fair Promise of Lee County)
    Where: Across from Southern Lee High School
    When: October 4th Set up starts at 4pm

  • CCH Jewelry Sale (Oct 4th)

    What: CCH Jewelry Sale
    Where: Central Carolina Hospital (Classroom)
    When: October 4th 7:00 am - 2:00 pm

  • NC Revelers (Oct 4th)

    What: NC Revelers (Music)
    Where: Mann Center
    When: October 4th 7:30-10:00

  • Annual Harvest Sale (Oct 25th)

    What: Annual Harvest Sale
    Where: Rocky Fork Christian Church
    When: October 5th Chicken Tender & Chicken Stew Plates for Lunch 11am-1pm -  Flounder or Chicken Tenders for Supper 5-7pm

  • Jacket 5K Run (Oct 5)

    What: Jacket 5K Run with Proceeds to CUOC of Lee County
    Where: Lee County High School
    When: October 5th, 9am

  • Festival Latino (Oct 5)

    What: Festival Latino - Artist from Atizapan de Zaragoza, Mexico
    Where: Mann Center
    When: October 5th, 10 am

  • Fire Prevention Week (Oct 6-12)

    What: Fire Prevention Week 
    Where: Your Home - Go to Kid Scoop on Facebook to view checklist
    When: October 6th-12th

  • Women's Exchange (Oct 10)

    What: Women's Exchange
    Where: Dennis A Wicker Civic Center
    When: October 10th, 8:00am

  • Miracle Baptist Church Founders Day (Oct 13)

    What: Miracle Baptist Founders Day
    Where: 830 Harvey Faulk Road
    When: October 13th, 10:30am

    Founders Day/Homecoming Service.  Guest speaker, music, and dinner

  • Boys & Girls Club Golf Tournament (Oct 15)

    What: Boys & Girls Club Golf Tournament
    Where: Carolina Trace CC
    When: Tuesday, October 15th - Breakfast at 8:00, Golf at 9:00

  • Creative Writing Workshops (Oct 15th-17th)

    What: Creative Writing Workshops (FREE) 
    Where: Oct 15th @ the Chatham Community Library in Pittsboro, Oct 16th @ CCCC Main Campus, Oct 17th @ CCCC Harnett Campus
    When: Tuesday, October 15th-17th   1:00pm-4pm each day

  • CCCC Celebration of 10,000 Hours of Training (Oct 17th)

    What: CCCC Celebration of 10,000 Hours of Training
    Where: Howard-James Industry Training Center
    When: Thursday, Oct 17th - 1:30-3:00 pm

  • All Aboard! (Oct 17th)

    What: All Aboard! Public Art Dedication
    Where: Depot Park
    When: Thursday, Oct 17th - 5:00 pm

  • Downtown Alive With Al Strong (Oct 17th)

    What: Downtown Alive! with Al Strong
    Where: Corner of Steele and Wicker
    When: Thursday, Oct 17th - 7:00-9:00 pm

  • Hoagy Carmichael's Stardust Road (Oct 17th-Nov 3rd)

    What: Hoagy Carmichael's Stardust Road
    Where: Temple Theatre
    When: Thursday, Oct 17th - Nov 3rd - Note: Show times vary.

  • Women Annointed to Serve Golf Tournament (Oct 18th)

    What: Women Appointed to Serve Golf Tournament
    Where: Sanford Golf Course
    When: Friday, October 18th at 1:30 pm

  • Sew Many Pieces Quilt Show (Oct 18th-19th)

    What: Sew Many Pieces Quilt Show
    Where: Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center
    When: Friday & Saturday, October 18th

  • Barbecue Presbyterian Fall Carnival (Oct 19th)

    What: Barbecue Presbyterian Fall Carnival
    Where: Barbecue Presbyterian Church
    When: Saturday, October 19th   2:00pm-4pm 

  • Groundbreaking at Wilkinson Automotive (Oct 22nd)

    What: Wikinson Groundbreaking for New Facility
    Where: Highway 87 South - Across from Wal-Mart
    When: Tuesday, Oct 22

  • CCCC Culinary Jamaican Dinner (Oct 23rd)

    What: CCCC Culinary Jamaican Inspired Dinner
    Where: CCCC Main Campus
    When: Wednesday, Oct 23rd 5:30-7:00 pm

  • 4-H National Youth Science Day (Oct 25th)

    What: 4-H National Youth Science Day
    Where: 2420 Tramway Road Sanford, NC 27332
    When: Wednesday, October 25th   9-12 and 2-5 

  • Fall Festival at the Enrichment Center (Oct 26)

    What: Fall Festival
    Where: Enrichment Center, 1615 South 3rd Street
    When: October 26, 8am-2pm

  • Bad Moon Rising (Oct 26)

    What: Bad Moon Rising
    Where: Mann Center
    When: October 26, 7 pm-10 pm

  • No Scare Fair (Oct 26)

    What: No Scare Fair
    Where: Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center
    When: October 26, 9 am - 4:30 pm

  • Downtown Trick or Treating (Oct 26)

    What: Downtown Trick or Treating with participating Businesses - Costume Contest @ Noon on Charlie Watson Lane
    Where: Downtown
    When: October 26, 11 am - 2 pm

  • Pickin' -n- Preachin' (Oct 26th)

    What: Pickin' -n- Preachin'
    Where: 1323 South Carbonton Road
    When: October 26, 3 pm - Bring a Lawn Chair

  • 20th Annual Boles Clergy Appreciation Golf Tournament (Oct 28)

    What: 20th Boles Clergy Golf Tournament
    Where: Seven Lakes CC, West End, NC
    When: October 28, 10:00 am

  • 29th Annual Harvest Sale & Auction (Oct 29)

    What: 29th Annual Harvest Sale & Auction 
    Where: Tramway Baptist Church
    When: October 29, 8:00 am - 7:00 pm

November 2019

  • YARD SALE - Edgewood Presbyterian Church Fundraiser (Nov. 2nd)

    What: Yard Sale - Edgewood Presbyterian Church
    Where: Corner of Woodland and McIntosh
    When: Saturday, Nov 2nd, 7:00 am-Noon

  • 4th Annual "Big Foot" Festival (Nov. 2nd)

    What: 4th Annual Big Foot Festival
    Where: Camelback Bridge Park, Cumnock, NC
    When: Saturday, Nov 2nd, 11:00 am-6:00 pm

  • Red Branch Baptist Revival Services (Nov. 3rd-6th)

    What: Red Branch Baptist Revival Services
    Where: Red Branch Baptist Church, Carthage, NC
    When: Sunday, Nov 3rd, 11:00 am on the 3rd and each night at 7 pm through the 6th.  Guest Speaker Billy Joe Brady.

  • Dedication of WB Wicker School (Nov. 3rd)

    What: WB Wicker School Dedication
    Where: WB Wicker School
    When: Sunday, Nov 3rd, 2 pm

  • Election Day (Nov. 5th)

    What: Election Day - GO VOTE!!!!!!
    Where: Your Local Precinct
    When: Tuesday, Nov 5th

  • AARP Driver Safety Course (Nov. 7th)

    What: AARP Drive Safety Course
    Where: Enrichment Center
    When: Thursday, Nov 7th

  • Veterans Appreciation Luncheon (Nov. 7th)

    What: Veterans Appreciation Luncheon
    Where: Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center
    When: Thursday, Nov 7th

  • Robin Godfrey Retirement Reception (Nov. 10th)

    What: Robin Godfrey Retirement Reception
    Where: Jonesboro United Methodist Church
    When: Sunday, November 10th 2-4 pm

  • Thankful Women's Prayer Breakfast (Nov. 16th)

    What: Thankful Women's Prayer Breakfast
    Where: Cameron Grove AME Zion Church
    When: Saturday, November 16th 9:00 am