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As a free service to our listeners, WFJA & WWGP list qualified, local events on this page to help promote and get the word out. If you have an event to list, please contact us using the following methods:

  • Email: news@wfjaradio.com
  • Phone: (919) 775-3525

December 2019

  • Sanford Christmas Parade (Dec 2nd)

    What: Sanford Christmas Parade
    Where: Downtown Sanford
    When: December 2nd - 7 pm

  • Carthage Christmas Parade (Dec 3rd)

    What: Carthage Christmas Parade
    Where: Carthage
    When: December 3rd - 6 pm

  • Siler City Christmas Parade (Dec 5th)

    What: Siler City Christmas Parade
    Where: Siler City
    When: December 5th - 7 pm

  • CCCC Foundation Christmas Tree Lighting (Dec 5th)

    What: CCCC Christmas Tree Lighting - Pictures with Santa
    Where: CCCC
    When: December 5th

  • Depot Park Tree & Train Lighting Dec 6th)

    What: Depot Park Christmas Tree & Train Lighting
    Where: Depot Park
    When: December 6th   6-10 pm

  • Goldston Christmas Parade (Dec 7th)

    What: Goldston Christmas Parade
    Where: Goldston
    When: December 7th - 11 am

  • Pittsboro Christmas Parade (Dec 8th)

    What: Pittsboro Christmas Parade
    Where: Pittsboro
    When: December 8th - 3 pm

  • Broadway Christmas Parade (Dec 14th)

    What: Broadway Christmas Parade
    Where: Broadway
    When: December 14th - 2 pm

  • Saturday With Santa (Dec 14th)

    What: Saturday With Santa
    Where: 1st Congregational Christian Church, 328 McIver Street
    When: December 14th - 2 pm

    Kids visit with Santa, receive good bags, and books for the kids.   "Sharing the Real Story of Christmas"

  • Polar Express Story Time (Dec 14th)

    What: Polar Express Story Time
    Where: Karma Boutique
    When: December 14th, 2-5 pm

  • Winter Wonderland (Dec 16th)

    What: Winter Wonderland
    Where: Depot Park
    When: December 16th, 5:00-9:30 pm

  • Britton Buchanan & Taylor Philliips @ the Mann Center (Dec 20th)

    What: Britton Buchanan & Taylor Phillips
    Where: The Mann Center
    When: December 20th, 7:00 pm

  • Christmas Day (Dec 25th)

    What: Christmas Day!   
    When: December 25th

    The Staff of WFJA/WWGP Radio Station wishes all our listeners a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Safe Holiday!

November 2019

  • YARD SALE - Edgewood Presbyterian Church Fundraiser (Nov. 2nd)

    What: Yard Sale - Edgewood Presbyterian Church
    Where: Corner of Woodland and McIntosh
    When: Saturday, Nov 2nd, 7:00 am-Noon

  • 4th Annual "Big Foot" Festival (Nov. 2nd)

    What: 4th Annual Big Foot Festival
    Where: Camelback Bridge Park, Cumnock, NC
    When: Saturday, Nov 2nd, 11:00 am-6:00 pm

  • Downtown Holiday Open House (Nov. 3rd)

    What: Downtown Holiday Open House
    Where: Downtown Sanford
    When: Sunday, Nov 3rd

  • Red Branch Baptist Revival Services (Nov. 3rd-6th)

    What: Red Branch Baptist Revival Services
    Where: Red Branch Baptist Church, Carthage, NC
    When: Sunday, Nov 3rd, 11:00 am on the 3rd and each night at 7 pm through the 6th.  Guest Speaker Billy Joe Brady.

  • Dedication of WB Wicker School (Nov. 3rd)

    What: WB Wicker School Dedication
    Where: WB Wicker School
    When: Sunday, Nov 3rd, 2 pm

  • Public Policy Luncheon (Nov. 4th)

    What: Public Policy Luncheon
    Where: CCCC
    When: Monday, Nov 4th 11:45

  • Election Day (Nov. 5th)

    What: Election Day - GO VOTE!!!!!!
    Where: Your Local Precinct
    When: Tuesday, Nov 5th

  • AARP Driver Safety Course (Nov. 7th)

    What: AARP Drive Safety Course
    Where: Enrichment Center
    When: Thursday, Nov 7th

  • Veterans Appreciation Luncheon (Nov. 7th)

    What: Veterans Appreciation Luncheon
    Where: Dennis A. Wicker Civic Center
    When: Thursday, Nov 7th

  • Chamber Clays Championship (Nov. 8th)

    What: Chamber Clays Championship
    Where: Deep River Sporting Clays
    When: Friday, Nov 8th

  • Robin Godfrey Retirement Reception (Nov. 10th)

    What: Robin Godfrey Retirement Reception
    Where: Jonesboro United Methodist Church
    When: Sunday, November 10th 2-4 pm

  • Veteran's Day (Nov. 11th)

    What: Veterans Day
    Where: CCCC - Dennis Wicker Civic Center
    When: Monday, November 11 9:00 am

  • Thankful Women's Prayer Breakfast (Nov. 16th)

    What: Thankful Women's Prayer Breakfast
    Where: Cameron Grove AME Zion Church
    When: Saturday, November 16th 9:00 am

  • St. Thomas Red Door Bazaar (Nov. 16th)

    What: St. Thomas Red Doo Bazaar
    Where: St. Thomas Church
    When: Saturday, November 16th 9:00 am - 12:30 pm

  • Singer/Songwriter John Norris (Nov. 16th)

    What: John Norris
    Where: Temple Theatre
    When: Saturday, November 16th 7:30 pm

  • Sanford Area Photography Club (Nov. 21st)

    What: Sanford Area Photography Club
    Where: Mann Center
    When: Thursday, November 21 - 7 pm

  • The Merry Gadflies (Nov. 22nd)

    What: The Merry Gadflies (Stringband)
    Where: Temple Theatre
    When: Friday, November 22nd 7:30 pm