Swap Shop FAQ

Got a question? Click on the questions below to view answers to some of our listeners most frequent. If your question is not listed, please feel free to email us at .

These listings are NOT acceptable:

  • Dogs, cats, or any animals FOR SALE – FREE animals are fine
  • Firearms of any kind but air rifles, BB, and pellet guns are acceptable
  • Any services that are not sponsored services (babysitting, housework…)
  • Vegetables, fruits, pecans, other nuts, firewood, or anything harvested
  • Looking for work
  • Homemade items that are made in quantity
  • Flea markets are not allowed but yard sales are alright
  • Baby cribs with drop down sides
  • You may place no more than one vehicle for sale and one for parts each day
  • Only one lawn mower per call each day

Call the Swap Shop program between 8:05am and 11:50am any Monday thru Saturday while the show is airing.  The Swap Shop program exists because of the phone calls from our listeners.  There is No Charge for you to place your items on the program as long as they are not listed above.  The Swap Shop number is 919-775-1050.  Once the phone is ringing, please turn your radio down and listen over the phone for us to pick up your line and talk with you.  Because the live program is on a short time delay, it gets very confusing for us both if you forget to turn your radio down.

Many people listen to the Swap Shop while at work but can’t always call in.  We will accept emails from you of your listings but we encourage you if at all possible to call in to the show.  As previously mentioned, the program exists because of your phone calls.  If everyone emails their items, we don’t have the great shows we have with your daily phone calls.  Also, please note that emails are not
always announced on-the-air.  We only announce them as time permits each day and some days we might not have available time.  The best way to be sure your items get on-the-air…is to call the program.

One of the biggest reasons your call may not be answered is because we may be into a commercial break, the news, playing a song, or another freature or Margaret may be in the studio doing an interview. We can’t take calls when she is in the studio with us. We do have several phone lines coming into the studio.  Once you get the phone ringing, please hold on until we can answer your call. We’ll do so as quickly as possible.  Since we are doing a live show, only one call can be answered on-the-air at a time.  There may be several callers ahead of you waiting also and we try to take calls in the order in which they come in.

We ask that you not list more than 4 items at one time.  We also ask that you only call the program once each day.  Keeping your list short will allow us to keep the calls coming in at a rapid rate.  We appreciate your help in trying to follow these guidelines.

That varies depending on the number of phone calls we get during the show.  If the lines are really busy, we won’t be able to repeat your items.  We will repeat listings as time permits.  They also appear on the website daily and will stay up for one week.  Information that is emailed to the program will only be announced as time permits.

During the program, we’re busy typing up your information.  It’s just an additional way of trying to help you with your listings and it’s also free of charge.  We just hope you’ll visit the sponsors that help make our site possible as well as supporting the sponsors during the live show.  Lots of people visit our website on a daily basis which increases your chances of selling your items.

We ask that you only call the program once each day to place your items on-the-air.  It’s perfectly acceptable for you to call back in and request a phone number you might have missed or other information.

Unless we state otherwise over the air, you can only win once every 30 days.  We do this to try and share our prizes with as many people as possible.  We thank you for your help in this regards.

All prizes must be picked up within 30 days unless it’s a dated prize like a concert ticket etc.  In that case, it must be picked up by the date we announce over the air.  Prizes not claimed within the allotted time are returned to the station.

It gives us a little break sometimes during the show to catch our breath, grab a sip of water, or to take care of something that might need our immediate attention.  Our listeners know this and many will request one of their favorites to be played.  We also get requests for a certain song because it’s someone’s birthday, anniversary or other special occasion.

The Swap Shop is a very busy time and unfortunately we can’t break away to speak with you at this time.  Call our main office to setup a tour at 919-775-3525.

Well, we do make some exceptions to the “visitation” rule occasionally.  How soon can you get here?  Oh yeah…don’t forget to bring some milk.

Non-profit organizations may submit information for Public Service Announcements to be aired on the station by either mailing or emailing the information to us.  All information submitted must be on your church or groups letterhead no later than 10 days prior to the event.  It must include the following information.

  • Contact Name and Number
  • Date and Time of the event
  • Charges for the event if any
  • Pertinent information about the event itself.

Only information from Non-profits will be considered as a free Public Service Announcement.  Other information must go through our sales department for scheduling and rates.  We’ll be happy to assist you.

The Swap Shop has a policy against offering any type of political memorabilia for sale on the air.   We are not allowed to feature any candidate or make any political statements on the Swap Shop.