WFJA/WWGP’s Margaret Murchison Keeping Up With COVID-19 and The Effect On The Sandhills

Margaret Murchison, News Specialist at WFJA and WWGP.

Margaret Murchison has been covering news in Lee County since 1978.   Sanford’s #1 News Reporter has seen it all – hurricanes, murders, fires, child abductions and more – but never anything like the COVID-19 that has taken our country by the throat and refuses to let go.   Stay-in-Place restrictions have been placed on much of the country and everyone has experienced changes to jobs, recreation, and lifestyles in the past month.    Going to the grocery store now has a strategy involved and social distancing has become habit when meeting at work or talking with friends.   We have all learned to wash our hands for 20 seconds and thinking before we touch.


Experts say the worst is still ahead and one thing will be certain – wherever it heads from here – Margaret Murchison will be on top of the story.    “I’ve never seen anything like this COVID-19, where the news goes from bad to worse, it changes each day and sometimes by the hour.   As soon I finish one newscast, updated statistics come in and we get ready for the next one.   It keeps me on pins & needles to make sure each broadcast is up to date and accurate.   Every household doesn’t have internet or social media and many still rely on WWGP to keep them up-to-date on what’s going on.”   


Margaret brings the news to listeners on WWGP (1050 AM & 95.1 FM) seven times daily with updates at 6:30, 7:30, 8:30, 10:04 during the Swap Shop, the Noon News, 3:30 and 4:30.  WFJA & WWGP also brings network news updates at the top of each hour all day long. With most local news outlets on daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, WWGP offers the community more up-to-the-minute updates of what’s going on.   “We realize a lot of people do look to us for local news.  We view it as our responsibility to our community and we realize we are the only ones locally that update news as often we do.”


While Margaret would prefer to have human interest stories to dominate her time on the air – to include Temple Tuesday, stories about CCCC, our local youth, and interviews with local government leaders – the COVID-19 is the BIG story at this time.   And as long as COVID-19 is still around, you can bet Margaret Murchison will be on top of it and keeping you posted how it affects our community.     

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