**As Local Sports Activities Start Back, 44th Annual Brick Capital Classic Is Up Next June 27-28** Included – Brick Capital Records



The 44th Annual Brick Capital Classic will be held on June 27-28 at Sanford Golf Club.   Local golfers are happy the event is on schedule and that local tournament golf is ready to return to the local links.    The Brick Capital Classic has long been regarded as the “unofficial” golf championship in the Sanford Area.  It is the event that the top local golfers point to each year as the time to be playing their best golf – and hopefully take home the area’s most coveted tournament title.  


Tournament History – The Sanford Golf Commission and long-time Club Professional Bobby Powell desired to start a tournament in the mid-70s for local golfers to have a top-quality competitive event.   The idea of the event brought Sanford the Brick Capital Classic.    The Brick Capital Classic started in 1977 and has done nothing but grow the reputation, quality, and importance of the event ever since.   The tournament offered flighted play to appeal to players of all levels and full fields have always been the norm.   The Brick Capital Classic introduced live scoring, leaderboards, scorekeepers for championship groups, and standard bearers to the event in 1987 and the event took on a whole different perspective.  Players from outside the Sanford area begin to hear about the unique event and a regional field began to find their way to Sanford Golf Club.    Live radio updates from WFJA Sports were added in 1993 and WFJA will now air updates for the 28th consecutive year. 

Competition has reached a high level – with the Sanford area’s best competing alongside with some of the best throughout the state.   A win by Mike Goodes in 1998 (Goodes was one of the top amateurs in NC) was the first by someone from “out of the area” and the regional players have never stopped coming.   Goodes would go on to play and win on the PGA Tour Champions.   Quality of play has also improved.   Scores keep getting lower each year and 63s & 64s on opening day are more of the norm than not.   

The baton was handed from Powell to now Head Professional David Von Canon in the mid-90s and the Brick Capital has continued to shine.   This year’s event has been a special challenge with COVID-19 disrupting the golf business along with everything else, but the 44th Annual Brick Capital Classic will go as scheduled on June 27-28, much to the relief of the local golfing community.


Size of Field – With the disruption of COVID-19 – as well as the social-distancing regulations put in place as a result – Brick Capital Classic tournament officials have proceeded cautiously regarding the number of players at this year’s event.   The usual number of 150 was cut to 84 entrants.  Tournament officials are hopeful that this number will inch up toward 112-116 or higher if social distancing regulations change in time to adjust.   The current schedule to go to “Phase 3” is one day prior to the event and may not allow enough time for adjustment.    But regardless of the number, history tells us that it will be a well-run event and that good competition will be the norm. UPDATE – The field was increased to 112 on Monday, June 8th. Any changes from the 112 will be posted HERE on the WFJA site.


Upcoming Brick Stuff – WFJA Sports will begin a series of articles on the Brick Capital Classic, some of the top players, and some of the top moments in Brick Capital History. Stay tuned to the WFJA website for updated articles on the Brick Capital Classic. First article will be posted on Tuesday, June 16th – “The Best Final Round in Brick Capital History”.


Brick Capital Classic Record Book


Most Titles

Gerald Harrington (4) 1990, 1994, 1996, 1999

David Wicker (4) 2001, 2003, 2010, 2011

Danny Brown (3) 1978, 1981, 1991

Craig Sturdivant (3) 1984, 1995, 2004

Press McPhaul (3) 1997, 2005, 2008

*Four Players with two (2) titles each


Lowest 36-Hole Totals

Will Morgan (2017) 131 – (63-68)

Craig Sturdivant (1995) 132 – (63-69)

Brett McLamb (2018) 132 – (64-68)

David Wicker (2001) 133 – (64-69)

Jack Radley (2018) 133 – (64-69)


Lowest 1st Round Scores

Will Morgan (2017) 63

Craig Sturdivant (1995) 63

Gerald Harrington (1990) 64

David Wicker (2001) 64

Jonathan McCurry (2012) 64

Jack Radley (2018) 64

Brett McLamb (2019) 64


Lowest 2nd Round Scores

Ray Epley (1986) 65

David Wicker (2014) 66

Paul Jett (2016) 66


Largest Margin of Victory

Gerald Harrington by 7 shots (1990) 64-70-134

David Wicker by 7 shots (2001) 64-69-133

Will Morgan by 7 shots (2017) 63-68-131


Brick Capital Champions By Year

1977 – Chris Dalrymple

1978 – Danny Brown

1979 – Harold Thomas

1980 – Paul Gay

1981 – Danny Brown

1982 – Don Marks

1983 – Joe Gay

1984 – Craig Sturdivant

1985 – Joe Gay

1986 – Ray Epley

1987 – Mike Purvis

1988 – Chris Dalrymple

1989 – John Green

1990 – Gerald Harrington

1991 – Danny Brown

1992 – David Von Canon

1993 – Don Moss

1994 – Gerald Harrington

1995 – Craig Sturdivant

1996 – Gerald Harrington

1997 – Press McPhaul

1998 – Mike Goodes

1999 – Gerald Harrington

2000 – Bobby Ballinger

2001 – David Wicker

2002 – Jordan Pomeranz

2003 – David Wicker

2004 – Craig Sturdivant

2005 – Press McPhaul

2006 – Currie Howell

2007 – Carson Lanier

2008 – Press McPhaul

2009 – Jonathan McCurry

2010 – David Wicker

2011 – David Wicker

2012 – Jonathan McCurry

2013 – Jack Radley

2014 – Gaston Bertinatti

2015 – Sherrill Britt

2016 – Paul Jett

2017 – Will Morgan

2018 – Jack Radley

2019 – Brett McLamb

2020 –


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