Lee Co Wins Cape Fear Cup 18-12 With Solid Play on Day 2

Lee County won its 6th Cape Fear Cup Title at the 8th Annual Cape Fear Cup held this past weekend at Sanford Golf Club. Lee County is now 4-0 at home and won their 3rd straight in the series that started in 2012. The event features some of the top golfers in Lee County verses the best of Harnett County. The competitors played a Ryder Cup type format with play in four different formats. Saturday’s formats were Best Ball and Texas Scramble with Alternate Shots and Singles matches on Sunday. Team Captain David Von Canon was proud of the showing this weekend. “You always hope to win on the road, and you expect to win at home. It was close (10-8) going into singles, but our guys were focused and they got the job done.” 

Session I results. Lee County won Session I 4-2. Best Ball Format

(LC) Mark Midford & Jack Radley def. (HC) Kevin McDougald & Steve Hamby 3&1

(LC) Zack Martin & Brad McDougald def. (HC) Kenny Stewart & Bo Crooks 2up

(HC) Tracy Parker & Kary Pennington vs (LC) Brandon Jones & Justin Minter – Match finished All Square

(HC) Jeremy Milton & John Hardy def. (LC) Jon McCurry & Chris Brown 3&2

(LC) Craig Sturdivant & Brad Wicker def. (HC) Derek Easter & Larry Daughtry 4&3

(HC) Jeremy Tyndall & Jody Yarbrough vs (LC) Jonathan Hockaday & Merritt Foushee – Match finished All Square

Session II Results – Session II was tied 3-3 Texas Scramble

(LC) Jack Radley & Mark Midford def. (HC) Kenny Stewart & Bo Crooks 6&4

(HC) Kevin McDougald & Steve Hamby def. (LC) Craig Sturdivant & Brad Wicker 1up

(LC) Jon McCurry & Chris Brown def. (HC) Jeremy Milton & John Hardy 3&2

(HC) Tracy Parker & Kary Pennington def. Brandon Jones & Justin Minter 1up

(LC) Zack Martin & Brad McDougald def. Derek Easter & Larry Daughtry 3&1

(HC) Jody Yarbrough & Jeremy Tyndall def. (LC) Jonathan Hockaday & Merritt Foushee 2up

Session III Results – Session III was tied 3-3 Alternate Shot

(LC) Brad McDougald & Brad Wicker def. (HC) Bo Crooks & John Hardy 5&4

(LC) Jonathan Hockaday & Mark Midford vs (HC) Derek Easter & Kenny Stewart – Match finished All Square

(HC) Steve Hamby & Kevin McDougald def (LC) Craig Sturdivant & Brandon Jones 5&3

(LC) Jack Radley & Merritt Foushee vs Jeremy Milton & Larry Daughtry – Match finished All Square

(LC) Zack Martin & Chris Brown def. Tracy Parker & Kary Pennington 4&3

(HC) Jeremy Tyndall & Jody Yarbrough def. Jon McCurry & Justin Minter 3&1

Session IV Results – Lee County Won Session 8-4 – Singles

(LC) Jonathan Hockaday def. (HC) Jeremy Milton 3&2

(HC) Larry Daughtry def. (LC) Mark Midford 3&1

(LC) Brad Wicker def. (HC) Kary Pennington 4&3

(LC) Brandon Jones def. (HC) Tracy Parker 5&4

(HC) Bo Crooks def. (LC) Chris Brown 2up

(LC) Merritt Foushee def. (HC) John Hardy 3&2

(HC) Kenny Stewart def. (LC) Justin Minter 3&2

(LC) Jon McCurry def. (HC) Derek Easter 3&2

(LC) Jack Radley def. (HC) Jeremy Tyndall 2&1

(LC) Zack Martin def. (HC) Jody Yarbrough 2up

(HC) Steve Hamby def. (LC) Brad McDougald 2&1

(LC) Craig Sturdivant def (HC) Kevin McDougald 4&3

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