Harrington & Wicker Lead The Way With Four Brick Titles – Will Either Win A 5th?

By Jon Hockaday

Gerald Harrington and David Wicker have been friends and competitors for a long time.  Both carry four (4) Brick Capital Classic titles in their pockets and the two have been among the favorites to win every year since the early 90s.    Yes, there is always some junk talking between the two when they get together about who’s wins are better and who’s wins were more dominant.   But it is a friendly rivalry – one that will meet once again on June 27th when the 44th Brick Capital Classic first round gets underway.   

When looking at these two champions and comparing records, the four wins is not the only statistic that is similar.    Below is a look and comparison of the records of arguably the best two players to play in the Brick Capital Classic.

  • Both players have four Brick titles each.   Harrington won in 1990, 1994, 1996, 1999.    Wicker won in 2001, 2003, 2010, 2011.
  • Harrington won 4 times in a 10-year span while Wicker won 4 times in 11 years.
  • Both Harrington and Wicker have carded a 64 as their low round in the BCC.  Harrington shot 64 in 1990 and Wicker a 64 in 2001.
  • Wicker’s best 36-hole total in the Brick Capital is 133 from 2001 and Harrington was 134 in 1990.
  • Both are tied for the largest margin of victory with 7-shot wins…Wicker in 2001 and Harrington in 1990.
  • Both have a handful of top 5’s other than the four wins.
  • Wicker went 7 years between titles from 2003 to 2010 and is the only back-to-back winner of the event.

Will Either One Win A 5th?

It would sure make arguments easier to settle if Harrington or Wicker would win a 5th.    It is not as unlikely as one might think although time may be the worst enemy for either one.  Both still possess tons of talent.   Both have more experience on Sanford Golf Club and in the Brick Capital in tense moments than other contenders.  Let’s see what it would take for either to win this year’s event.

For Harrington To Win – Harrington turned 61 this year and although he still hits it long enough to play, the short game is not as sharp as in the 90s.   Things will have to work in his favor around the greens for Harrington to win his 5th title, but it certainly can happen.   Harrington has now retired and playing tons of golf and should be sharp when he arrives in town from Wilmington on the 26th.     It is somewhat of a stretch to think Harrington can still win at 61, but if he can navigate the greens (and no one should know them any better) he will have a chance for a 5th title.

For Wicker To Win – At 44 years of age, David Wicker still has many years to win that 5th title.   But it has been 9 years – since 2011 – that Wicker last won the Brick Capital Classic.    Wicker has contended several times in recent years and shot 66 on Sunday in 2014 to nearly overtake Gaston Bertinatti of Spain.   But there are no wins in the Brick since 2011 when Wicker became the only back-to-back winner of the BCC.   Wicker somehow has an amazing feel for the game despite practicing much less than those he competes against.   Wicker keeps the ball in play and still has the imagination and touch around the greens.    He is really, really good when he gets on a roll and don’t be surprised to see that happen in 2020.

Whether either one ever wins a 5th title or not, they have both made their mark on the Brick Capital Classic.    They have won it more than anyone else – and while I know they both want that 5th one badly – not winning a 5th will not change how dominant they have been in this event.   It will be fun to watch on June 27-28 and see how these two former champions fare in 2020.    You can bet that if either one is near the top of the leaderboard come Sunday, experience will be on their side and could be all the edge they need.


Coming, Wednesday, June 24 – WFJA’s Favorites To Win The 2020 Brick




About the Writer -Jon Hockaday is a PGA Life Member (Retired) that worked at several area courses over a 32-year career, including early in his career at Sanford Golf Club.  Hockaday played in 5 Brick Capitals before helping manage the tournament from 1987-1993.   Since 1993, Hockaday has been the voice on WFJA for Brick Capital updates and has seen all but two of the forty-three Brick Capital Classic Golf Tournaments – interviewing the last 27 winners on WFJA Sports.    He has also reported live updates from seven US Open Championships and is a Co-Host of “Golf Talk of the Carolinas” that airs on WFJA.


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