Lee County & Southern Lee Ready for Spring Sports Schedule

Our beginning of the year trip to visit with Athletic Directors at Southern Lee & Lee County High Schools normally takes place in August.   Unless you have been in hibernation for 10 months, you know that high school sports were stopped in the spring of 2020 for COVID and no sports were started in the early fall like we have enjoyed for years.   So our visits to meet with Athletic Directors Reggie Peace (Lee County) and Ernest Purnsley (Southern Lee) took place this week, as both ADs are preparing for a busy 2nd half of the year.

The “major” sports are all crammed into the spring with 7-week “mini-seasons” and schools are not only ready for the games, but also ready for dealing with the COVID guidelines that are required.    Upon arriving at each school, I was impressed with the way each school had set up for basketball with social distancing of everyone and how the limited fans (family) will be checked, seated for the game, and ushered out when it ends.   I was pleased that each AD had figured a way for WFJA Sports to have an isolated spot for our broadcast – away from everyone – where we could easily see and call the action.

I was also pleased to see how seriously the ADs are taking the required COVID protocol and got my temperature taken twice in one day.     My comfort level of attending and broadcasting the games is better that I expected.  

No question that the ADs, Coaches and players are ready to play.   They also understand that for a complete season to occur, that players, coaches, families, scorekeepers, ticket takers and even our broadcast crew must observe the rules and do the things necessary to keep everyone COVID free.   While I would never bet that all games will be played without postponements or quarantines, guidelines are at least set up that will give them a chance.   I know that WFJA will do our part.  It has been a long year since our last basketball broadcast in February of 2020 and WFJA Sports can’t wait to get back on the air with high school sports.    

This year’s Seniors will have short, quick seasons for their final memories of high school athletics.   Seasons will consist of mostly conference games and playoffs will be a little tougher to make with one less round of post-season.   Crowd restrictions may change as we get later into the spring and to the outdoor sports but for now fans will be unable to attend under COVID restrictions.   We understand this at WFJA Sports and will bring two games a week during basketball and baseball and weekly football for both schools.   Complete schedules and results will be kept on the WFJA/WWGP website.

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