New Guidelines For High School Sports Attendance To Begin This Friday

The guidelines for high school sports attendance change this Friday at 5 pm on the opening night of the Spring Football Season.    Governor Cooper announce the changes on Tuesday and schools are scrambling to see how this will impact each individual game site prior to Friday.  New guidance is setting maximum occupancy at 30% but most school systems are proceeding cautiously with attendance numbers.   Wake County is keeping their maximum at 100 fans with no visitors but most systems will be a little more lenient.   The process seems to be that final approval comes down to the counties (school boards and ADs) to determine what is best for them, but we expect most counties will set policies quickly and monitor to see how things work.

What It means for the Lee County Schools

Southern Lee’s game at Franklinton has been moved to Thursday (tonight) ahead of the Friday at 5:00 changeover, so no Cavalier fans will be able to attend the game.   That game will still operate under the 100-maximum rule – which basically gets the home parents in.

Lee County is on the road at South Granville and it appears that their local board has approved for one parent per player for the visiting Yellow Jackets and no other fans from Lee County.   Lee parents should check with school early Friday.  

Southern Lee at Franklinton will air on WWGP 95.1 FM & 1050 AM and stream on the station’s website at: with a 6:30 kickoff.   Weather is expected to be in the mid-50s at kickoff with 0% chance of rain at game time.

Lee County at South Granville will air on WFJA 105.5 FM and stream on the station’s website as well with a 7:00 kickoff.   Weather Friday at game time is expected to be in the mid to upper 40s with a 50% chance of rain.

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