Spinners Finish June in First Place

By Austin Thomas – Thomas calls the play-by-play for the Sanford Spinners and is the voice for Lee County & Southern Lee Baseball on WFJA Sports.

It has been said that in baseball, “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose and sometimes…it rains.” The month of June saw plenty of rain dampen the baseball schedule, but the Sanford Spinners still managed to pour on plenty of wins and hold on to their spot at the top of the Central Division in the Old North State League.

Over the final ten games of the month, the Spinners won the majority with eight victories, seven of which came consecutively. During that seven-game winning streak, Sanford averaged just a little over nine runs per game and rode on the back of quality pitching.

According to Spinners head coach Jeremy Palme, the confidence of his guys has been key in their success. He commented how these are the caliber of players that know what needs to be done at the plate and play selflessly enough to make it happen.

But Sanford’s winning ways go beyond confidence. There is also the undeniable fact that these players, these teammates, have “bought in” to this team. When the Spinners inevitably reach that “big inning” on any given night at Tramway Park, often scoring four, five, even six runs in a frame, there is plenty of noise coming from the home dugout, cheering on teammates at the plate – teammates that just a few weeks ago were perfect strangers. And it isn’t just one or two bats getting big results – players up and down the entire lineup card are seeing success and, in turn, have given the team great success with a 13-5 record overall through June, and a 7-1 record at home.


WFJA is excited to bring you Sanford Spinners action through the end of the season, with Austin Thomas on the call. Spinners home games are played at Tramway Park, on the campus of Southern Lee.

Below is the remaining broadcast schedule (revised) for the Spinners on WFJA Sports:

Wednesday7/5Carolina Yankees vs Spinners7:00 PM
Thursday7/6Sandhills Bogeys vs Spinners7:00 PM
Monday7/10High Point Hushpuppies vs Spinners7:00 PM
Thursday7/13High Point Hushpuppies vs Spinners7:00 PM
Friday7/14Reidsville Luckies vs Spinners7:00 PM
Saturday7/15River City Skippers vs Spinners4:00 PM
Tuesday7/18Sandhills Bogies vs Spinners7:00 PM
Thursday7/20Reidsville Luckies vs Spinners7:00 PM

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