Tri-County 3A All-Conference Team Named – Colin Johnson & Larry Baldwin Named Players of the Year

The Lee County Yellow Jackets dominated the All-Conference selections that were announced today with QB Colin Johnson named as the Offensive Player of the Year and LB Larry Baldwin named as Defensive POY.    The All-Conference Breakdown by school is: Lee County 12 players, Southern Lee 6, Union Pines 5, Harnett Central 4, Triton 4, and Western Harnett 2.     Below is the complete list of All-Conference Awards:


Offensive Player of the Year

Colin Johnson QB – Lee County


Defensive Player of the Year

Larry Baldwin LB – Lee County


Special Teams Players of the Year

Dillon Smith K/P – Western Harnett

Trey Underwood K/P – Lee County


Athlete of the Year

Tanoah Lockley ATH – Southern Lee


Coach of the Year

Steve Burdeau – Lee County


All-Conference Offense

Offensive Lineman

Parker Oldham – Southern Lee

Andrew McCormick – Union Pines

Jayden Byrd – Western Harnett

Tyler Gray – Lee County

James Gordon – Lee County

Derran McKoy – Lee County

Kyrese Harris – Triton



Rory Board – Union Pines

Jaden Bryant – Harnett Central


Running Backs

AJ Boulware – Lee County

KeShaun Mays – Southern Lee

Ro’Mello Cowan – Triton



Jacob Bowbliss – Union Pines

Everette Blake – Harnett Central

Tyric McKendall – Lee County


All-Conference Defense

Defensive Lineman

Jaheem Uzzell – Union Pines

Khalil McLean – Harnett Central

DeAndre Dingle-Prince – Lee County

Desmond Evans – Lee County

Cedric Douglas – Southern Lee



Holden Graner – Union Pines

JoJo Jennings – Lee County

Jalonte McNeill – Triton

John Wilson – Southern Lee


Defensive Backs

Anthony Tomlinson – Harnett Central

Jayden Chalmers – Lee County

Jordan Batts – Lee County

Travion Sanders – Triton

EJ Foxx – Southern Lee


Sportsmanship Awards

Harnett Central – Adam Scott

Lee County – Trey Underwood

Southern Lee – DeAndre McAllister

Triton – Nathan McKoy

Union Pines – Archie Chandler

Western Harnett – Ryan Currin

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