Union Pines Takes Early Lead in Tri-County Soccer, Volleyball, and Tennis

The Union Pines Vikings have taken the early lead in three of the sports going on this fall in the Tri-County 3A Conference. While some of the sports have only played non-conference teams to this point, the Vikings sit atop the conference in all three sports with overall records. Union Pines, a longtime state contender in women’s tennis is at it once again, unbeaten thus far, as they lead the way in the Tri-County 3A.

Women’s Tennis – Union Pines 6-0, Triton 6-1, Harnett Central 4-3, Lee County 2-2, Western Harnett 1-5, Southern Lee 0-4

Women’s Volleyball – Union Pines 10-1, Southern Lee 4-3, Triton 4-6, Harnett Central 1-6, Lee County 1-7, Western Harnett 0-5

Men’s Soccer – Union Pines 4-2-2, Southern Lee 1-1-2, Lee County 2-4, Triton 1-4, Harnett Central 0-6, Western Harnett 0-9

Football standings for the Tri-County 3A can be viewed on the WFJA website under “Sports” and then “High School Football”.

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